650-2, SMA, 650 nm, POF/PCF

The FLEXtra? FO enables conversion of electrical MPI/PROFIBUS interfaces into optical MPI/PROFIBUS interfaces.
It reaches PROFIBUS transmission rates from 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps with automatic transmission rate detection. Due to the optical signal transmission, it offers complete electrical isolation between the PROFIBUS participants and PROFIBUS subnets.
Another advantage of the FLEXtra? FO is its insensitivity to EMC influences.
The transmission signals are converted by the FLEXtra? FO into optical signals and sent across the fiber-optic link. In addition, the signals are regenerated in slope, level, and duty cycle.
It is also suitable for POF** and PCF*- FO.
For the short range up to 65 m, an optical transmission link can be established very quickly and without much effort using the POF**. For longer distances up to 250 m, PCF* FO can be used.
The optical interface of the FLEXtra? FO sends in the visible range (650 nm red light), which allows an initial check of the optical transmission link without expensive instruments.
The FLEXtra? FO features integrated status LEDs for each segment for diagnostic purposes. In this way you are always informed about the state of the bus and the optical interface, and targeted troubleshooting is ensured.
In addition, the FLEXtra? FO has DIP switches for turning off individual or all segments. The segments are separated, but continue to function in themselves.

The FLEXtra? FO 650-2 SMA is a PROFIBUS repeater with an expansion by 2 visual MPI/PROFIBUS segments.

  • PROFIBUS transmission rates (9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps) are automatically detected
  • Switching off of individual or all segments possible
  • For use in EMC-hazardous environments
  • Suitable for POF** and PCF*-FO
  • Cable length POF** 65 m
  • Cable length PCF* 250 m
  • Display of traffic/bus errors for each FO and PROFIBUS segment
  • PROFIBUS repeater with 2 optical MPI/PROFIBUS segments
  • With SMA interface
PROFIBUS interface
Transmission rate9.6 |19.2 | 45.45 | 93.75 |187.5 | 500 kbps 1.5 | 3 | 6 and 12 Mbps automatic detection
ConnectionSUB-D female connector, 9-pin
Optical interface
Wavelength650 nm
Numerical aperture of the transmitting diode0.50
Integrable optical power | receiver sensitivity POF¹ 980/1000 μm-7.5 dBm/-20 dBm
Integrable optical power | receiver sensitivity PCF¹ 200/230 μm-18 dBm/-22 dBm
Overdrive limit of the receiver-3 dBm
Bridgeable distance POF¹ 980/1000 µm (160 dB/km)0 … 65 m
Bridgeable distance PCF¹ 200/230 µm (10 dB/km)0 … 250 m
Status indicator7 LEDs, function status
Input voltage
Voltage supply24 V DC, 18–30 V DC
Electrical isolation500 V
Current draw incl. 5V loadsMax. 200 mA
Current draw incl. 24V loadsMax. 400 mA
Output voltage port X1
Voltage 15 V, max. 150 mA
Voltage 2+18 ... +30 V DC, max. 200 mA (as with supply voltage)
Electrical isolation500 V



650-2, SMA, 650 nm, POF/PCF700-996-2BA01
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