Function module E-Diff (8 current transformer inputs)

The function module E-Diff is made for the use as residual current measurement (RCM), to monitor alternating currents, direct currents as well as pulsing direct currents. Thereby residual currents against PE can be discovered, what was possible until now only with very expensive modules out of the S7-language area. With this module now every S7-programmer can realize this solution easily with his basic knowledge.

Use in lower and medium voltage gridsyes
Measurement range30mA (RMS) (40mA max.)
Measurement with / without DC componentadjustable per channel
Measurement precision0,5% (typ.)
Adjustable current transformer ratio1:1 ... 1:1000 (individually per channel)
Sampling frequency4kHz
Input frequency range0..1kHz
Sampling methodEffective value sampling (true RMS)
Potential separation to PLCnone
Potential separation between sampling inputs one (current transformers may not be grounded)



Periphery module E-DiffPM-EDIFF-02
Connector 2x10pin with lift armsE-CON20A-00
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20A-00