The measuring system for real-time Ethernet Bus Systems

With the KUNBUS-TAP Ethernet Data Sniffer, KUNBUS offers you a network monitor for the analysis of all common Industrial Ethernet solutions. With four sample ports, this device enables monitoring of up to two independent real-time Ethernet connections. With this, an internal throughput delay of 0 μs (zero delay) makes the KUNBUS-TAP Data Sniffer almost transparent for the data channels to be tested.

Connection of the Data Sniffer to a PC is made via a standard gigabit Ethernet interface. Reading and evaluation of the tapped packet data is done with freely available network monitors, like for example “Wireshark”.

  • Test Access Point (ethernet)
  • Analysis of CRC errors
  • Comparison of in and out frames
  • Measuring of jitter and delay
Supply voltage 12 to 30 V DC or 230 V AC plug power pack
Measuring system for real-time Ethernet bus systems
Number of Ethernet ports 4 + 1 (monitoring of 2 lines)
Uplink port1 Gbps 1000BASE-T Ethernet - RJ45 socket
Sampling ports100 Mbps 100BASE-TX Ethernet - RJ45 socket
Throughput delay0 µs (zero delay)
Resolution time stamp1 ns
Diagnosis 3 LEDs
Full duplex operation
Unfiltered transmission of CRC errors