myREX24 Options

Options for the Free- & Virtual Account.

  • up to 5 active connections
  • several active connections on one device simultaneously
  • up to unlimited Web2Go connections
  • up to 250 user groups and 250 clients
  • up to 260 dashboards and alarms
  • up to 250 data points per device
  • up to 5,000,000 data point storage for your log data
  • standard VPN clients (integration of other OpenVPN routers)
  • many more functions can be activated
  • guaranteed data bandwidth of up to 1 Mbps



Annual license for an additional active VPN connection800-874-ACT01
Annual license for 1 M additional data points in the myREX24 V2 data point memory800-874-DPS01
Annual license for external database memory800-874-EXT01
Annual license for 250 dashboards800-874-DSH25
Annual license for 250 alarms800-874-ALM25
Annual license for standard VPN clients + 25 units800-874-VPN25
Annual license for provision of a WEB-API800-874-API01
Provision of 250 additional SMS800-872-SMS25
Provision of 250 additional voice calls800-872-CAL25
Annual license for 5 additional tasks for scheduler800-874-TSK05
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