myREX24 Individual

With the Individual account you can use the complete innovative functionality of the myREX 24 V2 portal with up to 250 devices and 5 active connections.
Whether you now primarily carry out remote maintenance, receive alarms from your machinery, or wish to visualize and protocol data from your machine, the myREX24 V2 portal is always at your disposal. Don’t worry about hosting and software maintenance, we will look after everything.
Expand your account with the options you require for your remote maintenance or IoT application.

If 250 devices or 5 active connections aren’t enough for you, or you would like to have control of the myREX24 V2 server in your own hands, we recommend the myREX24 V2 virtual server.

  • up to 250 devices (REX router)
  • up to 5 active connections
  • several active connections on one device simultaneously
  • up to 50 Web2Go connections
  • up to 250 user groups and 250 clients
  • up to 260 dashboards and alarms
  • up to 250 data points per device
  • up to 5,000,000 data point storage for your log data
  • standard VPN clients (integration of other OpenVPN routers)
  • many more functions can be activated
  • guaranteed data bandwidth of up to 1 Mbps



myREX24 Individual800-872-INDIV
Annual license for an additional active VPN connection800-872-ACT01
Annual license for 1 M additional data points in the myREX24 V2 data point memory800-872-DPS01
Annual license for external database memory800-872-EXT01
Annual license for 250 dashboards800-872-DSH25
Annual license for 250 alarms800-872-ALM25
Annual license for standard VPN clients + 25 units800-872-VPN25
Annual license for provision of a WEB-API800-872-API01
Provision of 250 additional SMS800-872-SMS25
Provision of 250 additional voice calls800-872-CAL25
Annual license for 5 additional tasks for scheduler800-872-TSK05