Start to make IIoT simple by collecting datapoints easily and comfortable by S7-Ethernet (no changes neccessary at your running S7-CPUs!) or by Modbus-TCP. Collect up to 2.000 data pointsfrom up to 100 partner devices every 100ms (!) As self contained device this communicative gateway does not influence your PLC cycle time. Datapoints are logged and provided to OPC UA-clients and all are configured without PC-software because of the integtrated WebConfigurator as required from the reference model for machines for ?industry 4.0?.
And, by the way the integrated Node-RED offers additional functions like MQTT, SMTP, FTP or twittering, visualising, reading etc. by its own nodes.

  • Communication at LAN-side:
  • S7-communication Put/Get
  • Modbus-TCP communication
  • CANopen-communication (on demand)
  • RS485 (Modbus-RTU) communication (on demand)
  • RS232 (Modbus-PTP) communication (on demand)
  • Communication at WAN-side:
  • OPC UA-server
  • MQTT client
Programming languageJavaScript
Programming systemNode-Red
Serial interfaces (protocols)COM1: RS232 Modbus-PTP - COM2: RS485 Modbus-RTU (on demand)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (protocols) * max 200 variables resp. max 512 byte per PLCS7-communication*, TCP, UDP, Modbus-TCP*, MQTT, SMTP Client, HTTP
OPC UA Server * + max .100 User var. ** with external modellerNamespace: compatible to S7-1500 * alternatively user defined ** Data points from all other interfaces with history available History configurable in Sample time and number of samples
Security policySubscriptions / Monitored Items < 100 none / Basic 256 Sha 256 sign / Basic 256 Sha 256 sign & encrypt (to be switched on/off separately)
NodeRed (Limit at ~ 50 variables)Data points from all other interfaces
CAN (Protocols)CANopen® compatible master/ slave with 10 kBaud - 1 MBaud (on demand)



S7-IIoT-Gateway GC300TGC300T-0-03
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20D-00


Manual S7-IIoT-Gateway, English Versie: Rev. 04/2020

Technische documentatie

Technical data GC300T, English Versie: Rev. 02/2019
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