Dataeagle 471x X-treme

The DATAEAGLE 4000 series was especially designed for a transparent data transmission of Ethernet?and openSAFETY/UDP via Bluetooth. All devices featuring an Ethernet interface may be connected via?radio.

  • 100m – 300m
  • openSAFETY/UDP
  • Patented radio transmission system
  • Max. 1x wireless radioslaves to 1x wireless radiomaster
  • Max. 16x Safenodes
Interface: openSAFETY/UDP
Max. speed:100 Mbit/s
2-port switch:no
integrated UDP-Diagnosis slave: yes
Operating voltage:24V DC
Mounting method:4-hole screw fastening
Protection class:IP 65
Frequency: 2,4 GHz Bluetooth, 100mW (EIRP)



DATAEAGLE X-treme DE-471x - Bluetooth - max. 16x openSAFETY Nodes (safeNODES) - max. 1x Wireless Slave 15471_LR
DATAEAGLE - Interface OPENsafety via UDP Point-to-Point15484

Technische documentatie

DATAEAGLE 4000 - PROFINET Versie: 05-2023
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