The S7 Supplement for Industrial Automation

German engineering and production

Insevis is a German company that specializes in S7 products for industrial automation. They have a wide range of products such as CPUs, Panel-PLCs, Compact-PLCs, Panel-HMIs, Periphery, Software, and IIoT devices. All of these products are designed and made in Germany, with German engineering and production quality. They are also adaptable to each customer’s specific requirements and preferences.

Compatible with SimaticManager or TIA-portal

Insevis products are compatible with the Siemens S7 programming tools and standards, such as SimaticManager or TIA-Portal. This means that you can use your existing knowledge and skills to program and operate Insevis products, without having to learn new software or languages. You can also easily integrate Insevis products with your existing S7 systems and networks, as they support the same protocols and interfaces.

Insevis products offer you a chance to achieve technical overvalue and increase your independence in the market. With Insevis products, you can enhance the performance, functionality, and efficiency of your industrial automation systems, while saving costs and resources. You can also leverage the latest technologies and features, such as IIoT, MQTT, OPC UA, NodeRED, and more, to connect your systems to the cloud and the digital world.

S7 Panel PLC PC710T

S7 Panel-PLC

The S7-Panel PLC is a combination of a S7-PLC with a HMI, allowing you to control, visualize, and communicate in a compact and economical way.
It supports various communication protocols, such as Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen, and optional Profibus or Profinet.
The S7-Panel PLCs are available in different sizes, from 3.5″ to 15.6″, with high-resolution displays, metal front frames, and onboard or decentral periphery.

Insevis PLC with integrated IO

S7 Compact-PLC

The compact-PLC is a pure S7-PLC that can be mounted on a 35mm-DIN-rail. It has a large working and load memory, and multiple communication interfaces such as Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, RS232, and RS485, and optionally Profibus or Profinet.

S7 Panel HMI HMI1010T

S7 Panel-HMI

The panel-HMI is a brilliant and superfast HMI that can communicate with S7-PLCs via Ethernet by S7-connection (put/get) as active partner.
The panel-HMI has a metal front frame with protection class IP65. The panel-HMI from insevis is available in different sizes, from 4.3″ to 15.6″, with high-resolution displays in 16:9 format, and features such as a VNC-server.


The periphery modules are digital, analog, or function modules that can be placed directly in periphery slots of insevis (Panel-) PLCs with onboard slots or in decentral periphery stations.
The modules are easy to parameterize and configure with the free software ConfigStage.