Simplifying Industrial Communication

We offer a range of Couplers and Gateways designed to enhance industrial communication networks. Whether you’re connecting different protocols or extending networks, our solutions provide seamless integration and reliable performance. With an extensive portfolio, there’s always an integration opportunity waiting for you!

Couplers: Bridging the Gap

Couplers act as bridges between different network controllers, facilitating seamless communication between PLCs operating on different protocols. They enable communication by defining an I/O range for data exchange. They act as intermediaries, translating and routing data between networks without establishing a direct connection.




Gateways: Expanding Possibilities

Our Gateways provide advanced protocol conversion and connectivity options, they translate protocols, facilitating seamless communication between devices operating on different protocols. Their core function lies in serving as intermediary hubs that bridge the gap between devices with disparate protocols, allowing them to interact harmoniously. By translating data between protocols, gateways enable devices to communicate effectively with master systems, unlocking the potential for diverse devices to operate within a unified network infrastructure.

The Difference Between Couplers and Gateways

In summary, couplers focus on connecting PLCs with different protocols within a shared automation environment. Gateways aim to facilitate communication between devices with different protocols by translating and converting data.

Whether you need to extend network distances, integrate protocols, or optimize communication, Helmholz has the right solution for you. Explore our products and enhance your industrial network today!