REX Ethernet-Router

The REX Ethernet routers are consistently designed for operation in interaction with the myREX24 V2 portal: The complete parameterisation and remote maintenance is carried out exclusively via the portal. All devices are equipped with a USB host interface that enables the connection of USB device devices.

Secure IoT machine access with the myREX24 V2 portal

The myREX24 V2 portal is an integrated system for accessing the components of your machine or system, for remote maintenance and remote diagnosis.
Control the data of your system via web browser – directly with your smartphone or tablet. All data and states that are available to you as an external signal or as a value in a control system can be evaluated and monitored with the myREX24 V2 portal. Log operating data directly in the myREX24 V2 Portal and create your own reports.

Accessories and antennas

The matching accessory for all REX Ethernet routers, for mounting in your on-site infrastructure, and supplemented by a matching antenna in the usual Helmholz quality.

myREX24 V2 virtual

Machine access and data sovereignty in your hand! Get the proven myREX24 technology into your own network with the myREX24 V2 virtual Server. The myREX24 V2 virtual Server grows flexibly with your requirements.