HARTING MICA® for Profinet

MICA® for Profinet brings the award-winning HARTING Modular Industry Computing Architecture to the automation world.

With one or several MICA® as I/O Devices in the control loop data you can read, and process data directly at the machine and forward relevant information to MES and ERP systems.

Because of the open software architecture a plethora of modern open source tools like C, C++, Java, Python, node.js, Node-RED, R and many more are available for programming and data processing.

  • Open-Source-Software
  • Robust enclosure
  • Open Community
  • Low costs
  • Cloud computing
  • Compact size
  • Efficient power supply options
  • Virtual containers
System Performance1GHzARMProcessor
Up to 128GB Flash (via Micro SD Card)
Profinet Specific Properties
Profinet IO Device with process map freely defined by software
2x M12 Profinet ports
Up to 32767 ADIs
Up to 1440 bytes of I/O data in each direction
RESTful,JSON and CAPIs for simple customization of process maps and creation of own applications
Simple access to process data
Computing power to perform complex data analysis
Application development with Open Source Tools like Python, node.js, node-red, R, and more.
Choice of protocols for datatransfer to higher-level systems including MQTT and OPC-UA
Power supplyPower over Ethernet (PoE)
24VDC (±5%) / 500mA
Operating systemlinux



MICA for PROFINET20 95 000 0006 00