TB20 DO, DC 24 V, 700 mA, Highfeature

Channel LED signals

Off Output off
Solid green light Output on
Solid red light 24 V load voltage (L+) missing
Flashing red light Short circuit to GND detected
  • 24 V DC output voltage
  • 700 mA output current per channel
  • A blue LED indicates the module's operating status
  • Green/red LEDs indicate the output status
  • 24 V load voltage monitoring and diagnosis
  • Short circuit to GND monitoring and diagnosis for each individual channel
  • Channel status information in input image table
  • Pulse extension 5 ms ... 1275 ms
  • Overtemperature detection
  • 4, 8 or 16 outputs, electrically isolated from the backplane bus
Electrical isolation
from the backplane busYes
Between the channelsNo
Supply voltage UP, US
Rated value24 V DC
Ripple USSmax. 3.6 V
Permissible range (with ripple) 20 … 30 V
Voltage for t < 10 ms 50 V
Output current
Rated value700 mA
Leakage currentMax. 0.5 mA
Current draw
Externalmax. 80 mA + Load
Internal max. 40 mA
Power dissipationMax. 2.5 W
Output short-circuit protectionElectronic, for each individual channel, diagnosis
Inductive cutoff voltage limit-48 V
Hot-swap capableYes



DO 4x DC 24 V, 700 mA, Highfeature600-220-7AD01
DO 8 x DC 24 V, 700 mA, Highfeature600-220-7AH01
DO 16 x DC 24 V, 700 mA, Highfeature600-220-7AP21