TB20 DO relays, 5 A, AC 230 V, changeover

  • Dry contact switching
  • 5 A output current per relay
  • Up to 230 V AC switching voltage per relay
  • Switching operation counter: two input words (switching operations *1,000)
  • Transient filter for protection against high-frequency relay switching (10 Hz)
  • A blue LED indicates the module's operating status
  • Green LEDs (one for each output) indicate the output status
  • 2 or 4 changeover relays
Electrical isolation
from the backplane busYes
Between the channelsYes
Supply voltage UP, US
Rated value24 V DC
Ripple USSmax. 3.6 V
Permissible range (with ripple)20 … 30 V
Voltage for t < 10 ms 50 V
Current draw
ExternalMax. 60mA
InternalMax. 60 mA
Number 2/4
Max. continuous current / max. inrush current 5 A/10 A
Rated voltage / max. switching voltage 250 V AC/400 V AC
Max. switching power for utilization category AC-1 1500 VA
Max. switching power AC15 (230 V AC) 300 VA
Single-phase motor load, AC3 – running (230 V AC) 0.185 kW
Max. switching current for utilization category DC-1: 30/110/220 V 6/0.2/0.12 A
Min. switching capacity 500 mW (12 V/10 mA)
Mechanical life 10 * 106 switching operations
Electrical life for utilization category AC-160000 switching operations
Dielectric strength, coil to contact 6 kV (8 mm)
Dielectric strength across open contacts1000 V AC
Max. switching frequency (internal protection)10 Hz
Hot-swap capable Yes



DO 2x relays, 5 A, AC 230 V, changeover600-222-0AB01
DO 4x relays, 5 A, AC 230 V, changeover600-222-0AD21