IoT Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 7020

IoT Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 7020

The DATAEAGLE 7020 is a compact gateway to log, process and transmitt signals from sensors. The sensors can be connected to 4 universal input ports. The sensors can be powered by the DATAEAGLE. It also has 1 floating switch contact to control an actuator. It can also be used to activate the measurement of the sensor.

The DATAEAGLE 7020 is powered by a battery. The charger is integrated which makes it suitable for the usage with a solar Panel. The parametrization is done via DATAEAGLE Potral, a device cloud. The gateway can be used worldwide at flat rate costs due to the integrated eSIM card.

The product series DATEAGLE 7010 is in IP 20 and has no battery. The DATAEAGLE 7050 contains various fieldbus interfaces to implement Remote Machinery Monitoring.

  • 4 universal ports (4-20 mA or 0-10 V or digital or 1 Temperature sensor PT100/1000)
  • 1 floating switch contact
  • 3,3V power supply for 1 sensor
  • 1 switchable power supply for sensor (15V at Iout 45mA or23,3V at Iout 45mA)
  • IP67
  • Integrated eSIM-card with worldwide roaming functionality
SupplyDisposable or rechargeable battery
Charging Voltage12 V... 32 V DC (max. 9 W)
Protection classIP 66
Temperature range-20…+60 °C
Weight400 gr
Width86 mm
Height175 mm
Depth64 mm
FrequencyGSM/GPRS Quad-Band
SImintegrated SIM-Chip
Antenna ConnectionFME
Inputs4 x analog or digital - 0... 20 mA, 4... 20 mA 0... 2 V, 0... 10 V, Digital Day- / Interval Counter
Outputs1 x switchable sensor supply: 15,41 V max. 196 mA, 23,82 V max. 127 mA, 1 x potential-free switch contact 1 x switchable power supply 3,3 V



IoT Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 702017020-V3
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