Function module DIO8-Z (2 encoder channels and 2 digital in- or outputs)

Function module DIO8-Z (2 encoder channels and 2 digital in- or outputs)

The function module DIO8-Z is a compact counter module with 6 counter inputs. Therewith e.g. 2 encoder (A,B,Z) with 5V, 24V or 2 absolute encoder (RS422) can be connected. This module provides 2 digital inputs or outputs (2A) too.

  • insertion stripe with description field for every signal
  • cage-clamp connector with 2 lift arms or bolt flanges on side
Counter inputs
Digital inputs6
Diagnostic LEDs6 , green
Input voltage 5V and 24Vpositive switching and negative switching
Inputs ref. RS422differential (ref. to RS422)
Broken wire detectionno
Potential separation to PLCno
Access of 2-wire-BEROno
Input delay2 μs (typ.)
Output delay2 μs (typ.)
Max. counting frequency125kHz (subject to change)
Digital inputs or outputs
Output signal level for signal 01,0 V at 500Ω (max.)
-for signal 1L+ -1,0V at 0,5A load (min.)
Output current for signal 00,5mA (max.)
-for signal 12 A (max. to 60°C) (subject to change)
Output delay30 μs (typ., without load)
Max. switching frequency with ohmic load100 Hz
Inputs Input signal level for signal 00V ... +5V
-for signal 1+7,5V ... +30V
Broken wire detection no
Error diagnostic no
Potential separation to PLCno
Input delay50 μs (typ.)



Function module DIO8-Z for 24V signalsPM-DIO8Z-24V-03
Function module DIO8-Z for 5V signalsPM-DIO8Z-5V-03
Function module DIO8-Z for RS422 signalsPM-DIO8Z-422-03
Connector 2x10pin with lift armsE-CON20D-00
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20D-00
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