Micro Memory Cards for 300 series

Micro Memory Cards for 300 series

The micro memory card is suitable for use in the S7-300* and ET200S with CPU controllers of Siemens AG.
Our product range includes the entire range of the most popular modules, plus the special variants 256 kByte and 1 MByte.

Application Options CPU 312 C
CPU 313 C
CPU 314 C
CPU 312 … 317
IM 151
IM 153
IM 154
* S7-300 is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.



Micro Memory Card, 64 kByte700-953-8LF31
Micro Memory Card, 128 kByte700-953-8LG31
Micro Memory Card, 256 kByte700-953-8LH31
Micro Memory Card, 512 kByte700-953-8LJ31
Micro Memory Card, 1 MByte700-953-8LK31
Micro Memory Card, 2 MByte700-953-8LL31
Micro Memory Card, 4 MByte700-953-8LM31
Micro Memory Card, 8 MByte700-953-8LP31
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