Periphery module AI4O4 (4 analog in- and 4 analog outputs)

Periphery module AI4O4 (4 analog in- and 4 analog outputs)

The periphery module PM-AI4O4 is created for customers who need flexible analog I/Os. Every input and every output can assigned by ConfigStage to another value area. The resolution increases from 12 to 16 bit depending on assigned integration time.

The easy configuration of the mess- and address ranges by the configuration software ConfigStage are only one advantage of the analog periphery modules of INSEVIS. Each module has its special functionality like the automatic regulation from 12 to 16bit resolution (incl. +-sign) or the selection of 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology including a range of sensors. Always ready to label with your logo and article-number. And of course you can use your PID blocks from Siemens for the analog value processing in the INSEVIS-PLCs as well.

  • insertion stripe with description field for every signal
  • cage-clamp connector with 2 lift arms or bolt flanges on side
Analog inputs
Load voltage L+24V DC (17V ... 30V DC, connected by device supply)
Current consumption150 mA (max.)
Power dissipation4 W (max.)
Analog inputs4 (configurable by software)
Input area (nominal values)0...20mA, 4...20mA, ±10V, ±5V, ±2,5V, 0..10V
Diagnostic LEDs (no displaying broken wires and open inputs)4, green: signal in valid area
4, red: override or saturation
Valid voltage between inputs and A-GND (max.)-15 V ... +24 V DC
Broken wire detectionby overrun / shortfall of metering area
Sampling cycle time = Integration time adjustable1ms ... 35767 ms default: 100 ms
Resolution depending on integration time12...16 Bit
Precision (typ.)< 1% (based on output area)
Analog outputs
Analog outputs4 (configurable by software)
Output area (nominal values)20mA, 4...20mA, ±10V
Diagnostic LEDs green4: green: signal in valid area
4, red: override (mA)/short circuit
Setting time / response time t =1,5 ms (typ)
Load resistance against A-GNDmA: 500 Ω (max.)/V: 1 kΩ (min.)
Short cut protectionja
Override area20 ... 23 mA/ -20 ... -23 mA/ 10 ... 11,3V/ -10 ... -11,3V
Resolution12 Bit
Precision (typ.)< 1% (based on output area)



Periphery module AI4O4PM-AI4O4-02
Connector 2x10pin with lift armsE-CON20A-00
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20A-00
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