Periphery module AI8O2 (8 analog in- and 2 analog outputs)

The compact periphery module PM-AI8O2 is a fix designed product without any software assignments. It is made as a low cost module for basic applications with PT100 and current inputs and current outputs.

  • insertion stripe with description field for every signal
  • cage-clamp connector with 2 lift arms or bolt flanges on side
Analog inputs
Load voltage L+ 24V DC (17V ... 30V DC, connected by device supply)
Current consumption150 mA (max.)
Power dissipation4 W (max.)
Input area (nominal values)AE 0....3: 4... 20 mA/AE 4....7: PT100 metering range (80°C .. 300°C)
Override area20 mA ... 23 mA
Diagnostic LEDs no displaying broken wires and open inputs8 green: signal in valid area - 8 rot: override (mA) or short circuit or temperature value below -50°C (PT100)
Input resistance (typ.)150 Ω metering area 20 mA and 500 Ω metering area PT100
Sampling cycle time = Integration timeadjustable 1ms ... 35767 ms - default: 100 ms
Resolution12 Bit
Precision (typ.)< 1% (based on output area)
Analog outputs
Analog outputs2
Output area (nominal values)4 mA ... 20 mA
Override area20 mA ... 23 mA
Analog outputs2
Short cut protectionyes
Setting timeresponse time t (typ) 5 ms
Resolution12 Bit
Precision (typ.)< 1% (based on output area)



Periphery module AI8O2PM-AI8O2-02
Connector 2x10pin with lift armsE-CON20A-00
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20A-00