PROFIBUS Cable PB FC 1x2x0,64 for flexible applications

PROFIBUS Cable PB FC 1x2x0,64 for flexible applications

The cable is for applications with flexible installation and has got a “fast connect” design. It is designed for the system-defined transmission rates of 9.6 Kbit/s up to 12 Mbit/s, the transmission characteristics are conform to the system and guarantee a high operating security during the data transmission.

The cable is designed for applications in dry and damp interiors, outdoors and in rough industrial environment.

Electrical properties at 20° C
Impedance:150 ± 15 Ohm
Loop resistance:< 160 Ohm/km
Shield resistance:< 9,5 Ohm/km
Capacitance:< 28,5 nF/km
Inductance:1000 uH/km
Attenuation:49 dB/km (16 MHz)
Environment and approvals
Operating temperature:-40 to +80 °C
UL listing:CMG
Halogen free:No
Sunlight resistance:acc. to UL 1581 Sec.1200
Resistance to oils/greases:No
Flame retardant:acc. to UL 1685 (CSA FT 4)
Mechanical properties
Construction:1 x 2 x 0,64 mm (22 AWG)
Wire type:Stranded bare copper wire 7 X 0.2 (AWG24)
Cable thickness:8,0 mm
Sheath and wire colors:Violet and red/green
Fast Connect (FC):Yes



PROFIBUS Cable for applications with flexible installation- Fast Connect - 1x2x0,642170826
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