The cost free software tool „ServiceStage“ is developed for the maintenance crew, what need to make diagnostics and updates on existing controllers. For that not expensive hard- and software is need, only this „ServiceStage“. The controller can be found and indicated by Ethernet easily.

There is no risk af illegal data loss, because this software uses no source files, it downloads WLD-file (S7-program) and binaries (visualization and configuration) to the PLC. And another security option worth to think over: uncrackable read or read/write protections. No password, only deletable by downloading an unprotected program, what only the real owner has.

  • The perfect simple service tool for S7- maintenance
Operating systemWindows XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro
Hardware requirementsMin. 5MB free disc space Monitor - min. SVGA (800x480)
Installation time< 1 minute
Operating languagesGerman and English
Service functionsFirmware update (CPU-T)
Identification of the target device in the network
Read device specific data (Ser.-no., firmware version, IP-address (editable), MAC-address, etc.),
Change of the operating mode RUN ↔ STOP,
Set and synchronize date and time
Memory diagnostics and -compression
Read and save diagnostic buffer of the CPU
Download of the S7- programs, of the visualization and configuration binaries
Automatic creation of Backup data files
Set know-how-protections Read / Read/Write



Software tool „ServiceStage“None / free download