Standard PROFINET Cable – Fast Connect – Type A

PROFINET Y FC Cat. 5 is a CATEGORY 5 high speed data cable for industrial usage. The screening ensures high transmis- sion reliability in areas with a high load of electromagnetic capacity. The cable is sunlight resistant and flame retardant

Approvals: (UL) PLTC, c(UL)us CMG 75 °C, UL AWM Style 21694

Electrical properties at 20° C
Impedance:max. 100Ω ±15 Ω (1MHz up to 100 MHz)
Loop resistance:< 115 Ohm/km
Signal propagation time:<5.3 ns/m
Test voltage (rms 50 Hz, 1 minute):core/core: 2000 V - core/screening: 2000 V
Environment and approvals
Operating temperature:-40 to 80 °C
UL listing:(UL) PLTC, c(UL)us CMG 75 °C, UL AWM Style 21694
Halogen free:No
Sunlight resistance:Yes
Resistance to oils/greases:No
Mechanical properties
Construction:4 x 0,64 mm (22 AWG)
Wire type:Solid conductor
Cable thickness:6,5 mm
Sheath and wire colors:green and white, yellow, blue, orange
Fast Connect (FC)/Easy Connect:Yes



PROFINET Cable for applications with fixed installation- Fast Connect - Type A - 2x2xAWG22/12170893