15,6″ – S7-Panel-PLC – flat / no periphery slots onboard

15,6″ – S7-Panel-PLC – flat / no periphery slots onboard

The largest touchpanel with 1366x768pixel is one of the most sold large Panel-PLCs of INSEVIS and is used in medium and large automation projects.

Do not forget: all the CPU-T -interfaces with the 2port-Ethernet plugs and the optional Profinet-IO Controller, all this functions are realized in a 55mm deep device.

Now with 2 single devices; one with Profinet, one without.

Both with web- and VNC-server included.

Once more the INSEVIS- engineers show their German engineering.

  • Program system - SIMATIC® Manager/ TIA Portal from SIEMENS or compatible products
  • IP-protection class: front panel IP65 and rear side IP41
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ... +60°C (without condensation)
  • Optional: PROFINET IO Controller
15,6“ TFT display (1366x768 pixel) - resistive touch
RS232 with - free ASCII protocol
RS485 with - free ASCII-protocol - Modbus RTU - with switchable terminate resistors for RS485
2x Ethernet with - RFC1006, - Send/ Receive via TCP and UDP, - Modbus TCP
CAN with - protocol compatible to CANopen® - layer2-communication - with switchable terminate resistors for CAN
Micro-SD-slot - for SD-cards up to 8GByte
Status LEDs for Power, Battery, Error, Run
Profinet IO Controller in PC1560T-PNC-02



15,6″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-TPC1560T-0-03
15,6″-Panel-PLC with integrated Profinet IO Controller and CPU-TPC1560T-PNC-02
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