The module can be plugged into either the central frame or the expansion frame. It supports CAN 2.0A (11 bit) and CAN 2.0B (29 bit) frames with a freely selectable transfer rate from 10 kbps to 1 Mbps.
The CAN 300 PRO can send and receive CAN telegrams in Layer 2 mode. In the CANopen master mode, the data of the CANopen slaves can be processed as a process image table in the PLC.
Use as a CANopen slave is also possible. For standard applications, such as motor control with CANopen, application examples are available. In addition, handling blocks for the SAE J1939 protocol are available.
There are 16 freely settable timers available in the CAN 300 PRO. Each timer can trigger a freely programmable CAN telegram. This means the synchronous protocols widely available in drive and servo control are easy to implement using the CAN 300 PRO.
A DIP switch for setting the transfer rate and station address facilitates commissioning. An optional Micro memory card stores the project. In this way, replacement of the parameterization or the module during servicing can be carried out quickly.
6 LEDs indicate the operating status of the module. There is a USB interface for diagnostics and parameterization.
The CAN 300 PRO also works in the extended ambient temperatures of -25 ?C to +60 ?C.
A USB programming cable is included in the delivery.

  • Layer 2, 11 bit and 29 bit (CAN 2.0A/B)
  • CANopen® master on the module
  • DIP switches for address + transfer rate
  • Memory card for project backup (optional)
  • USB interface for parameterization and diagnostics
  • Extensive CAN bus diagnostics possibilities
  • Can also be used as CANopen® slave
  • Extended ambient temperature
CAN interface
TypeISO/DIN 11898-2 CAN High-speed physical layer
Transmission rate10 kbps ... 1 Mbps
ProtocolCAN 2.0A (11 bit)/CAN 2.0B (29 bit) Layer 2
CANopen® Master/CANopen® slave
SAE J1939
DeviceNet slave (upon request)
Voltage supply+5 V DC via backplane bus
Current draw
Current draw typical160 mA
Current draw maximal 190 mA
You can find information on the parameterization software CANParam and the handling blocks for the PLC under CAN software. In the first use, handling blocks for the PLC are needed.
* S7-300 is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.



CAN 300 PRO700-600-CAN12
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