CAN bus connector, axial

Helmholz offers you the CAN bus connector for transmission rates up to 1 Mbps.
The CAN bus connector is plugged directly onto the CAN bus interface (SUB-D socket, 9-pin) of the CAN bus participants. The CAN bus cables are connected using 6-pin screw terminals.
A slide switch is used to set whether the connector is to be used as a node or at the segment end.
The switch can also be operated in the installed condition. The setting is clearly visible.
In node setting (?OFF?), the connector must be operated when the incoming and outgoing bus are connected to each other. The terminating resistor is then ineffective.
As segment end (?ON?), the connector must be set on the first and last (outermost) participants of the segment respectively. In this case the terminating resistor is connected on the incoming bus, and the outgoing bus is disconnected.
The CAN connectors work in the extended ambient temperature range of -25 ?C to +85 ?C.

  • Metalized housing
  • No parts that can be lost
  • Small size
  • The maximum ambient temperature for UL is +60 °C
Terminating resistor Resistor 120 Ω integrated and switchable with slide switch
CAN bus cableWires up to 0.5 mm², 60/75 °C copper cable
connector typeterminal strips
Maximum outside diameter8.0 mm
Voltage supplyDC 24 V



CAN bus connector, axial700-690-0CA12
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