The CANtouch is a mobile measuring device for CAN-based bus systems

The further development of the CAN-Bus Tester 2 is battery-powered and equipped with a touch display. Its intuitive user interface allows extensive measurements to be taken in the shortest possible time. The results can be archived for documentation or later analysis and further processed on the PC.

The physical layer measurements have been extended to include the direct determination of potential differences between the participants (common mode/ground shift).

With the online trigger, you can monitor the bus for individual physical limits, determine problems over time and make errors visible in the oscillogram.

The protocol monitor is used for sending, receiving, decoding and recording messages.

  • Startup Operations - Ensure the functionality of your new bus system
  • Trouble Shooting - Bring your system in an error condition back to live quickly
  • Maintenance - Finish off pending service work efficient and exact
General parameters and overview of functions
LanguagesGerman, Englisch
Bus systems(ISO11898-2), CANopen (CiA301), DeviceNet (EN 50325 – 2), SAE J1939
Bit sampling64-fold, 10240 sampling points
Bit timingAdjustable BTL cycles (tq), sample point and resynchronization jump width (SJW)
Supported baud ratesDepending on bus system: 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1000 kbit/s
Additionally user-defined : 5, 33.3, 62.5, 75, 83.3, 200 kbit/s
Automatic detection via baud rate scan, bit timing adjustable
Bus statusBus traffic detection (display : dominant, recessive, not defined, bus traffic)
Display of the Bus traffic load (0 … 100 %)
Characteristic, minimum and maximum value saving
Bus errorsDisplay of detected frame errors
Distinction between active and passive error frames (0 … >50,000), trend chart
Bus voltagesDisplay of the optional CAN supply voltage and shield voltage
Characteristic, minimum and maximum value saving
Common mode voltageAcquisition of the maximum voltage offset between the individual bus nodes
CAN level (absolute /differential)Acquisition and evaluation of the differential and absolute CAN levels of all bus nodes during operation
Node measurementNode related measurements
Quality value (signal quality), Disturbance-free voltage range, Edge steepness (falling and rising) and Oscilloscope display with message frame analysis
Online TriggerError analysis with adjustable values, variable time slices and trigger function
Protocol monitorSend and receive of CAN messages
Time-to-Measuring with one-accuup to 6 hours



CANtouch – Complete Set - consisting of : • CANtouch – basic set (PR-22580 – 00) • Adapter Set (PR-22580 – 10) • Service Case (PR-22580 – 50)PR-22580 – 81
CANtouch – Basic Set - CANtouch incl. power supply (type : SAW-14.0 – 2500), power supply coard Euro, USB cable, 2 user manuals (German, Englisch)22580 – 00
Adapter Set - CAN connecting cable 0.3 m, CAN connecting cable 1.5 m, Adapter 2x 9-pin D-Sub /1x M12 full metall, M12 T-peace full metall ,Shorting plug M12 ,Shorting plug 9-pin D-Sub, Terminating resistor M12, Terminating resistor 9-pin D-Sub, 4 mm safety testing wire 3 m length, 4 mm crocodile clipPR22580 – 10
Service Case - Robust case with foam inlets fitting for CANtouch – basic set and adapter setPR-22580 – 50
CAN - License key for node related physical layer measurement in bus system CANSW-22580 – 00
CANopen -License key for node related physical layer measurement in bus system CANopenSW-22580 – 01
DeviceNet - License key for node related physical layer measurement in bus system DeviceNetSW-22580 – 02
SAE J1939 - License key for node related physical layer measurement in bus system SAE J1939SW-22580 – 03
License key for bus wiring measurementsSW-22580 – 10
License key for Online Trigger monitoring appSW-22580 -15
License key for protocol monitor CAN (transmit/receive)SW-22580 – 11
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