This cost free tool equalizes the difference between INSEVIS devices and Siemens-configuration, so that you can address INSEVIS periphery and use INSEVIS communication interfaces with SIMATIC?- Manager or TIA-Portal?. All the configurations of additional functions will be done here too and are permanently checked for addressing errors by the program itself.

The whole configuration is done intuitively in a graphic way. Periphery modules were placed on their slots by drag ?n drop, decentral peripheries to the CAN-interface of the CPU. Than it will configured and parametrized and the whole configuration will be compiled into a binary file. This binary will downloaded by Ethernet into the PLC hardware system blocks. The programming by SIMATIC?- Manager or TIA-Portal? will be not affected by this procedure.

The mapping of CAN-specific data to S7-area allows a very clear and simple integration of external periphery by using the comfortable EDS (ElectronicDataSheet of CAN-slaves) -import function. This makes the ?ConfigStage? to one of the finest examples of an practical, smart and simple integration of external CANopen?-slaves into the S7-world.

  • Software tool to assign PLC-configuration
Operating systemWindows XP Pro Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro
Hardware requirementsMin. 5MB free disc space Monitor and min. SVGA (800x480)
Installation time< 1 minute
Operating languagesGerman and English
Monitoring of address conflictsAutomatically permanently (in the background)
Data formatscsproj (source file) - csbin (binary file)
Configurable S7- control parameter of the S7-CPUStartup behavior - Password protection - Cycle time monitoring - Retentive memory - Time-Of-Day interrupt - Cyclic interrupt
Configurable interfacesRS232: free ASCII - RS485: free ASCII & ModbusRTU - Ethernet: RFC1006 (S7-communication) TCP, UDP, ModbusTCP, Panel-HMI - CAN: CANopen® (EDS-import)



Software tool „ConfigStage“None / free download
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