Transmitting analog and digital IO signals easily and reliably by radio

Replacing cables by radio links ? this is a technology having been proven for many years
particularly in process technology. In practical terms, this means: Easy installation with
reduced maintenance effort. Therefore, radio technology is increasingly considered a welcome
component for system optimization. The latest wireless IO system from Schildknecht AG,
based on Bluetooth Low Energy, has been developed for exactly these applications.

As a cable substitute, DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 provides the easiest and most reliable
solution for transmitting analog and digital input and output signals in the form of a
distribution box.

DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 is optionally equipped with 4 or 8 M12 ports.
The connections are respectively configured as DI or DO and accordingly AI or AO and
send digital or analog signals by radio (Bluetooth Low Energy).

  • Plug & Play
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Integrated antenna
  • 4 or 8 M12 ports
  • Wireless range: up to 70 m
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
Voltage supply24 V DC
Connection voltage supplyM12 (male) 5 pole, A-coded, short-circuit and overload protected
Power consumption100 mA
Fixingscrew fastening
Protection classIP 67
Temperature range-20…+70 °C
ConformityCE, FCC, SRRC, EAC
Weight150 gr
Width51 mm
height150 mm
Depth65 mm
Frequency2,4 GHz Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.2)
Transmitting power4 dBm
Rangeup to 70 m
IO Interface4 x / 8 x M12 (female) 5 pole, A-coded
Sensor-system / actuator supplyMax. 1A Σ
Digital inputs (DI)PNP
Digital outputs (DO)PNP (max. 200 mA / output)
Analog inputs (AI)0-10 V or 4…20 mA
Analog outputs (AO)0-10 V or 4…20 mA



Set DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 8DI/8DO12200
Set DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 4DI 4DO/4DI 4DO12201
Set DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 4AI 4AO/4AO 4AI 4-20mA12202
Set DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 4AI 4AO/4AO 4AI 0-10V12203


DATAEAGLE X-treme IO Versie: 2018

Technische documentatie

DATAEAGLE 2000 Versie: 2018
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