Magnetic base antenna for REX 100, 2.5 m cable, SMA male connector

For radio reception, a suitable antenna must at least be screwed onto the SMA socket “MAIN” (ANT 2). In order to improve the 4G data throughput, a second antenna terminal is available on the REX 100 LTE router with the SMA socket “Rx” (ANT1). If you would only like to install one antenna, we recommend the MiMo wall antenna, as it already contains two antennas in one housing.
Our technical sales is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the various antennas.

  • Gain 2 dBi
  • SMA male connector
Radio networks LTE 800 | GSM 900 | GSM 1800, UMTS | WLAN | LTE 2600
Frequency range700–900 MHz | 1800–2100 MHz | 2400–2700 MHz
Connector typeSMA (m)
Height453 mm



Magnetic base antenna, 2dBi, 3.5 m cable, SMA male connector700-751-ANT33