Periphery module DIO16 (16 digital in- or outputs 24V / 0,5A)

Periphery module DIO16 (16 digital in- or outputs 24V / 0,5A)

The periphery module PM-DIO16 is a compact I/O-board for 16 digital transistor outputs 24V / 0,5A, each with back-readable inputs. When the output is deselected, every bit can be used as input as well.

Single digital inputs for 24V, relay outputs for 230V as single potential free contacts or configurable digital in-/output modules for 24V ? each of the <20mm smart periphery units contains state-LEDs, a 45? angled and space-saving connect area and can be labeled wit customized logos.

INSEVIS stands for permanent innovation, even at the digital signals layer too: As example the backreadable digital outputs can be configured ba software, if the output or input shall be used.

So this DIO16-module can be used as a spare module for some I/Os to spend it during commissioning the application.

  • insertion stripe with description field for every signal
  • cage-clamp connector with 2 lift arms or bolt flanges on side
Load voltage L+ 10 V ... 30 V DC
Current consumption50 mA (max.) without load
Power dissipationinternal limited
Digital in-/ outputs 16 in- or outputs (adjustable by software)
Diagnostic LEDs 16 green
Input voltage for signal 00V ... +5 V
For signal 1+7,5V ... +30 V
Input current for signal 11 mA
Input delay1,5 ms (typ.)
Output delay4,6 ms (typ.)
Sample cycle time synchronous to cycle
Broken wire detectionno
Error diagnostic no
Potential separation to PLCno
Output current for signal 00,5 mA (max.)
Output current for signal 10,5 A (max. to 60º)
Cumulated curred per output-byte3 A (max. to 60°C)
Sampling cycle timeas onboard modul on the PLC = cycle synchronous
Signal level of outputs for signal 01,0 V at 500 Ω (max.)
for signal 1L+ - 1,0 V / 0,5 A load (min.)
Input delay50 μs (typ.)
Output delay30 μs (typ., without load)
Max. switching frequency with ohmic load100 Hz



Periphery module 16 digital inputs or outputs 24VPM-DIO16-02
Connector 2x10pin with pin markings and lift arms on side (for DI/DIO/MIO)E-CON20D-00
Connector 2x10pin with pin markings and bolt flanges on side (for DI/DIO/MIO)E-CONS20D-00
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