Periphery module MIO84 (8 digital- and 4 analog in- or outputs)

Periphery module MIO84 (8 digital- and 4 analog in- or outputs)

The periphery module PM-MIO84 is a compact module with mixed digital and analog inputs or outputs and counter function. It is designed for all those, who have to control. only a few digital and analog signals and maybe something to count. The I/O-configuration is done by ConfigStage- software, where the integration time is assigned (expands resolution from 12…16Bit).

Single digital inputs for 24V, relay outputs for 230V as single potential free contacts or configurable digital in-/output modules for 24V ? each of the <20mm smart periphery units contains state-LEDs, a 45? angled and space-saving connect area and can be labeled wit customized logos. INSEVIS stands for permanent innovation, even at the digital signals layer too: As example the backreadable digital outputs can be configured ba software, if the output or input shall be used. So this DIO16-module can be used as a spare module for some I/Os to spend it during commissioning the application.

  • insertion stripe with description field for every signal
  • cage-clamp connector with 2 lift arms or bolt flanges on side
DIGITAL inputs or outputs
Load voltage L+24V DC (10 V ... 30 V DC)
Digital in-/outputs8 in- or outputs
Diagnostic LEDS8, green
Cumulated current2 A (max. to 60°C)
Output current for signal 00,5 mA (max.)
Output current for signal 10,5 A (max. to 60º C
Counter2 each as forward counter, forward/backward counter or incremental encoder
Frequency limit10 kHz
Broken wire detection no
Error diagnosticno
Potential seperation to PLCno
Outputs: switch on delay50 μs (typ.)
Outputs: switch off delay30 μs (typ., without load)
Switch on/off delay25 μs
Max. switching frequency of outputs100 Hz with ohmic load
ANALOG inputs or outputs
Load voltage L+24V DC (17 V ... 30 V DC) connected by device suppl.
Analog inputs4 (alternatively to outputs, what is SW-configurable)
Input areas±20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0..10 V
Diagnostic LEDs (no displaying broken wires and open inputs)4, green: signal in valid area and 4, red: override or saturation
Precision (typ.)< 1%
Analog outputs4 (alternatively to intputs, what is SW-configurable)
Output areas0...20mA,4...20mA, ±10V
Diagnostic LEDs4, green in valid area and 4, red override or load error
Setting time /response timet =1,5 ms (typ)
Load resistance against A-GND mA: 500 Ω (max.) and V: 1 kΩ (min.)
Resolution12...16Bit (depending on integration time assigned in ConfigStage)
Deviation (based on input area)< 1%



Periphery module MIO84PM-MIO84-02
Connector 2x10pin with lift armsE-CON20D-00
Connector 2x10pin with bolt flangesE-CONS20D-00
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