PN/EtherNetIP Coupler

With the PN/EtherNetIP Coupler, a simple and uncomplicated connection of a PROFINET machine to an EtherNet/IP machine is possible. The PN/EtherNetIP Coupler allows data transmission between a PROFINET controller and an EtherNet/IP PLC.

Received input data on one side of the network are made available as output data on the other side of the network to the PLC. The I/O data exchange takes place live and as fast as possible without further handling blocks.

The maximum size of the transferable I/O data is 1024 bytes. Up to 3 input and 3 output assemblies can be configured on the EtherNet/IP network side. Up to 300 slots are available for I/O modules.

The integration into the PLC engineering tool is made possible by a GSDML file, an extra configuration software is not necessary. The configuration of the I/O data to be exchanged is performed in the Siemens engineering tool. An EDS file matching the configuration can then be downloaded from the website by the PN/EtherNetIP Coupler and used to configure the EtherNet/IP PLC

  • Very compact design for DIN rail mounting
  • Redundant power supply
  • Galvanic isolation of the networks
  • Up to 1024 input/output data
  • 300 configurable slots for PROFINET IO data
  • 3 input and 3 output assemblies
  • Configuration only with GSDML file, no additional software required
  • EDS file downloadable
  • Diagnostics website
  • MQTT Publisher on both network sides (PROFINET & Ethernet/IP)
PROFINET Interface:
Number1 with 2 ports
ProtocolPROFINET IO as defined in IEC 61158-6-10
Transmission rate100 Mbps full duplex
I/O image sizemax. 1024 bytes of input and output data
Connection2x RJ45
Integrated switchYes
FeaturesMedia Redundancy Protocol (MRP), automatic addressing, topology detection (LLDP, DCP), diagnosis alarm
Ethernet/IP interface:
Number1 with 2 ports
Connection2x RJ45
Integrated switchYes
Protocol transmission modelEtherNet/IP implicit messaging (Transport Class 1) explicit messaging (Transport Class 3)
Transmission rate10/100 Mbit/s, full-/half duplex
Status indicator:9 LEDs function status, 8 LEDs Ethernet status
Voltage supply:24 V DC (18 ... 28 V DC)
Current draw:max. 210 mA
Ambient conditions:
Ambient temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Transport and storage temperature-20 °C to 80 °C
Protection ratingIP 20
CertificationsCE, PROFINET Conformance Class B (in preparation)



PN/EtherNetIP Coupler700-160-3EN02


Easy connection of fieldbus networks – with Helmholz PROFINET gateways Versie: 10-2023


PN/EthernetIP Coupler, Quick Start Guide Versie: 3


PN/EtherNetIP Coupler, GSDML file Versie: 20220518


IPset Versie: 1.04.016
PN/EthernetIP Coupler, Firmware Versie: V1.04.002
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