ProfiShark 100M, Portable Fast Ethernet Troubleshooter

ProfiShark 100M, Portable Fast Ethernet Troubleshooter

Designed for industrial networks, ProfiShark 100M is a powerful and highly efficient network TAP and troubleshooter. Featuring a fully passive connection to the network, with PoE passthrough, the ProfiShark 100M provides fail-safe access to your networks. This tool is optimized for capturing both regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Ethernet traffic, without dropping any packets.
ProfiShark 100M is an ultra-compact and easy to use device that monitors all 7 OSI layers. It captures and aggregates the entire full-duplex 10/100 traffic of the network link.
ProfiShark 100M is a straightforward solution and a universal tool for daily network troubleshooting, perfect for the analysis of regular IP Networks and Industrial Network Protocols.

  • 10/100M monitoring on USB
  • USB powered
  • Non-intrusive, passive monitoring
  • Hardware aggregation
  • In-Line mode
  • 8 ns hardware timestamp
  • 802.3af and VoIP compliant, PoE passthrough
  • Customizable real time statistics
  • In-depth network port diagnostics
  • Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • Live capture
  • Direct capture to disk
  • Invisible to the network
dimensions (WxDxH)69 x 124 x 24 mm
WeightApprox. 170 g
Probe-ports2x 100MBit - RJ45 socket
Channels/Ports 2
Resolution timestamp8 ns



Profishark 100MC1AP-100


ProfiShark 100M, datasheet Versie: 1


Installation Manual Versie: V2022_01
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