With the cost free software tool ?RemoteStage? can be realized remote visualizations out of the binary of an existing visualization for free. It works like a 2nd panel and is connected to the PLC by Ethernet S7-communication. This allows a very low data transfer, because only process data will be transferred. There can work more instances at one PC, what allows a master display functionality for free.

But not only remote visualization and controlling is possible, this tool uploads all archived data and trend to show it on the remote PC and can save it as csv-file as well. Recipes can by modified at the PC and downloaded to the remote device, what helps for a simple handling.

This program is available as portable version only, it is not to install. That is necessary to integrate the remotestage.exe into a batch process, what e.g. collects all archived date from the PLC and saves it to any network drive you assign in the batch file.

  • Remote visualizing, controlling as well as archives reading and converting
Operating systemWindows XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro
Hardware requirementsMin. 2MB free disc space Monitor, min. SVGA (800x480)
Installation timeNone, it is an execute file
Operating languagesGerman and English
Remote visualization of following archives at Panel-PLC and Panel-HMI1024 alarm archives, 128 event archives, 4 trends with up to 16 channels each, 256 recipe data records with up to 256 elements, Data (DB) -archives (Panel-PLC only)
Remote visualization of following archives at Compact-PLC Data(DB)-archives
Format of the saved archive filescsv- format
Batch processableyes
Multi instanceableyes



Software tool „RemoteStage“None / free download
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