SSW7, MPI programming adapter

SSW7, MPI programming adapter

The SSW7 has a 1.2 m long MPI connecting cable which can be plugged directly into the CPU socket of the automation device and into any other point in an MPI network.
The MPI interface operates at 187.5 kbps or 19.2 kbps.
The SSW7 is supplied with voltage via the MPI bus from the CPU.
With an optional 24 V connection, it can be used anywhere else on the bus line.
With the Speedup tool included in the scope of delivery, the maximum transmission rate of SSW7 can be achieved with any programming software.
Parameterization and diagnostic functions are possible using the SHTools software.
For a firmware update, download the latest SHTools version.

The SSW7 has automatic baud rate detection on the RS232 interface, which makes it possible for it to adapt to the set bit rate (9.6 to 115 kbps).

In the housing of the SSW7-USB, there is a USB socket of type ?B?. The SSW7-USB can be connected to the PC with the USB cable included in the scope of delivery. The SSW7-USB receives its voltage supply from the PC. It can therefore be used at any point on the MPI bus.
A driver for creating a virtual COM port is included.

  • Programming & visualizing
  • MPI up to 187.5 kbps
  • Power supply from the AD or external 24 V
MPI interface
Transmission rate19,2 or 187,5 kbps
ConnectionSUB-D, 9 pin
Communication interface RS232
Transmission rate19,2...115,2 kbps
ProtocolPC <-> S7 via modem oder local
Port for transmissionconnector, SUB-D, 9-pin
Communication interface USB1.1
Protocol PC <-> S7
ConnectionUSB-B socket
Starting with STEP* 7 version 5.5 SP2, Siemens no longer supports serial COM ports under Windows 7** 64 bit.
The TIA Portal* also no longer supports any COM ports – regardless of what operating system it is installed on!
Our technical sales representatives can provide you with advice on alternatives.
* STEP and TIA Portal are registered trademarks of Siemens AG.
** Windows 7 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.



SSW7-RS232 700-751-1VK21
SSW7-USB, MPI programming adapter USB700-755-1VK21
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