TB20 Counter 24 V, 500 kHz, 32 Bit

TB20 Counter 24 V, 500 kHz, 32 Bit

Counters are used to detect pulses that are faster than a controller?s cycles, i.e., signals that the controller will be unable to detect properly and that therefore need to be pre-processed.

The counter module detects the edges of 24 V signals as pulses. The impulses can be counted or converted into a frequency, rotational speed, or period. The counter module features an additional 24 V input and a 24 V output for a direct response to start pulses and to quick system state changes.

Capturing modes

  • Pulse & direction
  • Rotary encoder with single evaluation
  • Rotary encoder with double evaluation
  • Rotary encoder with quadruple evaluation

Counting methods

  • Continuous counting
  • Once-only counting
  • Periodic counting

Measuring mode

  • Frequency measurement
  • Rotational speed measurement
  • Period measurement

Programmable input

  • PLC input
  • Approval (HW gate)
  • Synchronization
  • Periodic synchronization
  • Latch
  • Latch & retrigger
  • Can be inverted

Programmable output

  • PLC output
  • Count >= Reference value
  • Count <= Reference value
  • Count = Reference value
  • Can apply a substitute value at STOP
  • 32-bit counter
  • Up to 500 KHz (4-fold evaluation)
  • Accommodates 24 V incremental encoders and proximity sensors
  • Filters: 10 kHz | 50 kHz | 100 kHz | 500 kHz
  • All inputs can be inverted
  • Limits for counter and measured readings
  • Hysteresis for input
  • Pulse duration for output
  • Refresh rate / averaging time for measuring mode
  • 8 bytes of input data (count and status)
  • 8 bytes of output data (preset count and commands)
Input voltage24 V
Electrical isolation
from the backplane busYes
Between the channelsNo
Current draw
ExternalMax. 10 mA + load
InternalMax. 86 mA
Power dissipation0.8 W
Input characteristic curveType 2, EN 61131-2
Output current
Rated value500 mA
Leakage currentMax. 0.5 A
Short-circuit protectionElectronic
Parameter configuration length16 bytes
Number of counters 1
Counter bit depth32 bits
Counting frequency per channel Max. 500 kHz (for 4x evaluation)
Hot-swap capableYes



1x Counter 24 V, 500 kHz, 32 Bit600-300-7AA01
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