TB20 Serial Interface 1 SI RS232/RS422/RS485

TB20 Serial Interface 1 SI RS232/RS422/RS485

The other communication device can be a serial module or any other device that supports the aforementioned standard.
This serial module supports both the ASCII and 3964R protocols. This makes it possible to integrate downstream devices (e.g., printers, laser scanners, etc.) into higher-level bus systems and networks in an automation system, or to communicate with other system parts.

Diagnosis capabilities

  • Underflow / overflow buffer
  • Internal module error
  • Configuration errors
  • Message errors
  • RS232/RS422/RS485 port
  • ASCII and 3964R protocol
  • 110 to 115.200 baud
  • 7/8 data bits
  • 1/2 stop bits
  • Parity: none, even, odd, custom
  • Frame end detection after terminator, number of characters, inter-character delay
  • Frame length of up to 224 characters
Power supply for modules5 V DC, max. 130 mA
Communication interface
TypeRS232, RS422, RS485
Transmission rate300 Baud ... 115 kBaud
ProtocolASCII, 3964 ( R )
ConnectionConnector, SUB-D, 9-pin
Hot-swap capableYes



Serial Interface 1 SI RS232/RS422/RS485600-400-7BA31
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