With the PC-visualization tool ?VisuStage? it is a simple thing to create and simulate modern high-class visualizations for beginners too. S7- variables including symbols will be imported from DBs of the SIMATIC?- Manager or TIA-Porta with a few mouse clicks including names/ symbols. Export- and import functions of texts support a professional external translating.

The handling of this software is comparable to WinCCflex? from Siemens, but easier and not so complex. It is installed in a few minutes, able to operate with one screen only and does not need special hardware. So final changes can be done right beside the machine startup.

There is a cost free version with all functions and one language only, what is enough for a simple visualization. Those, who need more languages pay a very low company license for endless number of installations in their company. After first installation the ?VisuStage? runs 30 days in full language-mode and than works on as cost-free single-language version. A yearly company maintenance license secures that always the latest version with the newest features can be used in the whole company. Those, who do not like maintenance, work on with the last installed version of their company or with the free license.

  • High class visualization with extensive but simple functions
Operating systemWindows XP, Pro Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro
Hardware requirementsMin. 20MB free disc space Monitor - min. SVGA (800x480)
Installation time< 3 minutes
Operating languagesGerman and English
Data formatsvsproj (source file) - vsres (resource ) - vsbin (binary file )
Number of languages Unlimited (Full version*) - 1 language (Lean version) *(all languages, what are installed on the VisuStage-PC)
Export- / Import- functionsFor Variables, common tests and message texts and for images (bmp, jpg, png)
Error message systemMax. 1024 alarms, (archivable) - Max. 128 events, (archivable)
Trends4 trends with 16 Channels each
Recipe managementMax. 64 recipes with max. 256 elements in max. 256 data records
User management9 layers PIN-identification
Screen functionsScreen saver, dim and switch off backlight
BuzzerWarn and click tone
Libraryfunction Integrated
SimulationIntegrated, with stimulating of variables, message simulation and screen shot function



Software tool „VisuStage“ for 1-LanguageNone / free download
Company license full version „VisuStage“SW-VS-02
Maintenance license full version „VisuStage“SW-VSW-02
vraag meer informatie over toepassingen aan via ons contactformulier.