netFIELD Compact X8M

netFIELD Compact X8M


The netFIELD Edge devices allow you to aggregate, process, and forward IIoT data. They are therefore suitable for all production environments in which PLCs reach their limits when handling the data provided by the IIoT systems. You can evaluate these large data amounts with an augmented intelligence solution directly on your device or in an accompanying cloud.

This allows you a profound insight offering tangible additional benefit, e.g. avoiding downtime or increasing efficiency. Using the integrated docker, your business data and processing jobs can be provided securely and portably via containers.

This means that your software is available on the netFIELD Edge device within a few minutes on any number of devices managed globally via a central web portal.

  • Edge Gateway with remote management option
  • ARM-processor-compatible embedded computer that suits industrial needs
  • Preloaded 64-bit operating system, web front-end and container engines
  • Open for any containers based on ARM32/64 architecture
  • Reliable platform due to secure booting
  • Central device/container management possible via cloud portal
GeneralPart number1918.010
Article nameNFX8M-D2-N32-010
FunctionIT/OT edge gateway for IIoT, Industry 4.0, Integrated Industry and automation projects with optional netFIELD Cloud connectivity
ProcessorCPU1.8 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 64Bit (NXP i.MX8M Mini)
Storage32 GB eMMC flash, appr. 50 TBW (Terabytes Written)
SoftwareOperating systemnetFIELD OS, based on Security Enhanced YOCTO Linux
Standard DockerDocker for manual and local deployment and maintenance of containers
IoT Edge DockerDocker for remote and automatic deployment and maintenance of containers from the netFIELD Cloud
Local Device ManagerWeb-based GUI for local device parameterization
SecuritySecure boot“High Assurance Boot” of signed software only
Power supply Supply voltageUnregulated +8 V DC ... +36 V DC IN (typical: +24 V DC) Note: Voltages above 36 V may cause damage to the device. Voltages below 8 V may cause a shutdown of the device.
Current consumption without USB (typical)110 mA at 24 V DC 220 mA at 12 V DC
Current consumption with USB (typical)350 mA at 24 V DC with two USB ports (at 5 V and 500 mA per port, resulting in additional 120 mA per port) Note: Maximum load over all three USB ports is 1 A
Connector5.5 x 2.5 mm coaxial input jack with “bajonet” lock
Real-time clockBuffering On-board battery with 3V and 120mAh: SBR1632 Lithium Fluorocarbons coin cell, RoHS compliant, 10 years service interval
Ethernet LAN interfacesType ETH1: 1 Gbit/s Ethernet port (eth0 in netFIELD OS) ETH2: 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port (eth1 in netFIELD OS)
Connector2 x RJ45 jacks
Additional interfacesUSB 3 x USB 2.0 ports, type-A connector Note: Maximum allowed output current over all USB ports is 1 A
ConsoleSerial UART-to-USB interface, Mini USB connector
Serial portRS-232 or RS-485 (2-wire/half-duplex), terminal block connector
LED indicatorsEdge LED User-programmable yellow/green duo LED (labelled “LED” on the device)
Ethernet LAN LINK (green): Ethernet Link status ACT (yellow): Ethernet Activity status
Power-onOrange LED indicating on/off state of the device
Mechanics and housingDimensions of device (without plugs and mounting bracket)112 mm x 84 mm x 25 mm
Dimensions of device with plugs and mounting bracketCa. 167 mm x 118 mm x 27 mm
Weight of device with mounting bracketCa. 350 g
Housing materialAluminum
Degree of protectionIP20
Mounting typeDIN top hat rail mounting or wall mounting (with two M4 screws)
Admissible ambient conditionsAmbient temperature Operation: –20 °C … +60 °C Storage: –40 °C … +85 °C
Relative humidity Operation: 10 % … 90 % Storage: 5 % … 95 %
ComplianceElectromagnetic compatibility (EMC)EN 55032/5, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
safetyEN/UL/IEC 62368-1
ApprovalsULIn preparation



1918.010NFX8M-D2-N32-010 - netFIELD Compact X8M - Edge Gateway with remote management option


netFIELD Compact X8M User manual Versie: V1

Technische documentatie

netFIELD Edge Compact X8M Datasheet Versie: V 12-2022_EN
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