PROFINET TEST TOOL Online (PNT-Online) is the new program for monitoring of PROFINET networks. The tool is developed by the CSMT experts.

The CSMT experts have many years of experience in the field during the troubleshooting and validation, as a result the PNT -PROFINET Test Tool includes all the features needed to analyze the behavior of PROFINET networks.

PNT-Only is specially developed to permanently monitor the network.
Share the results in a easy way using the most common IoT standards (MQTT, REST and Node-RED).

It provides an easy diagnostics with a web browser!


  • Detailed information on all devices (model and serial number, PROFINET diagnostics)
  • Easy detection of bad cables/interfaces
  • Identify critical links with too much traffic
  • View the network topology (interactive graphic or tabular views)
  • Evaluate the impact of the multicast and broadcast traffic on the network
  • Show the operating status of the PROFINET devices, cycle time and missing devices
  • View diagnostic messages and events launched by the PROFINET devices
  • Save in a log file the diagnostic events such alarms and loss of devices
  • Record network traffic (PROFINET and other) on the link
  • Calculate the actual update times and jitter
Hardware Siemens IOT 2040
Maximum number of devices that can be analyzed with a single acquisition250 devices
Network TAP (Test Access Point) supported (optional)ProfiTap, ProfiShark 100 M, ProfiShark 1G



PNT Online 4210-0004
PNT Online - license only 4210-0004


PROFINET Tool - Overview Versie: 2.0
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