RevPi Connect

The RevPi Connect allows the user maximum freedom of design during the implementation of IIoT projects due to the open platform concept (e. g. complete root rights).

Two Ethernet sockets enable the device to be simultaneously connected to the automation network and IT network, for example, to transmit machine data from the shop floor to the cloud or a higher-level IT system.

As with the RevPi Core 3, the basis is provided by the Rasperry Pi Compute Module 3, which means quad-core power with 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM as well as a 4 Gbyte or 8 Gbyte eMMC flash memory. As interfaces, the RevPi Connect has two Ethernet sockets, two USB sockets, one micro HDMI socket and one micro USB socket.

As an operating system, the device has a customized version of Raspbian incl. a RT patch.

  • powered by Raspberry Pi CM3
  • 2 x USB A / 2 x RJ45 Ethernet / 1 x Micro HDMI / 1 x Micro USB / 1 x RS485
Housing dimensions (H x W x D)96 x 45 x 110.5 mm
Housing typeDIN rail housing (for DIN rail version EN 50022)
Housing materialPolycarbonate
Weight approx.197 g / 224 g (incl. connectors)
IP CodeIP20
Power supply12-24 V DC -15%-/ +20%
Max. power consumption20 Watt (incl. 1 A total USB output current) 1)
Operating temperature-40 °C....+55 °C 2)
Storage temperature-40 °C....+85 °C
Humidity (at 40°C)93% (non-condensing)
Interfaces 2 x USB A (Total current draw from both sockets max. 1 A) 3)
2 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet (using separate MAC addresses)
1 x RS485 screw-type terminal (not galvanically isolated)
1 x Micro-USB (solely for image transfer to eMMC)
1 x Micro HDMI
1 x PiBridge system bus
1 x ConBridge system bus
Connectors1 x 4-pole screw-type terminal for relay contact and signal input
1 x 8-pole spring clamp connector for power supply
ProcessorBroadcom BCM2837 quad-core ARM Cortex A53 (ARMv8)
Clock rate1.2 GHz 2
Processor coolingPassive with heat sink
RAM1 GByte
Flash memory4 GByte or 8 GByte
1)The average power consumption without USB load varies greatly and depends on the use of the interfaces, the GPU and the CPU. It is usually well below 4 watts without HDMI.
2)There should be no cutbacks of power at ambient temperatures below 20°C. At 25°C ambient temperature 3 cores may run with full clock speed while with 4 cores the clock frequency is lowered from 1.2 to 1.1 GHz after 10 to 20 minutes of full stress. At 40°C ambient temperature 4 cores under full stress will still work with 1 GHz while stressing just 1 core results in no down clocking. At 50°C ambient temperature 4 fully stressed cores are running at average 0.7 GHz, having short down clockings to 0.6 GHz and short up clockings to 0.9 GHz. 1 core under full stress does result in no down clocking. At 65°C ambient temperature and either 4 or 1 core under full stress results in an “emergency mode” with just 0.4 GHz, after longer periods even 0.3 GHz.
3)1 A USB output current (total of both USB outputs) is only available for input voltages >11 V. The bridging time of at least 10 ms required by EN 61131-2 is only guaranteed with a 20.4 to 28.8 V power supply. With a 12 V power supply, this time is significantly reduced, especially when power is drawn from the USB ports.



RevPi Connect 4 GB100274


RevPi Connect Flyer Versie: 2019
RevPi Family Versie: 2019
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